Franchise Opportunities

The most valuable resource in the DSA sector is undoubtedly the Assessors who conduct the DSA Needs Assessments.

An effective DSA Needs Assessor needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the various hardware and software supports available to students, be aware of the various NMH roles, and be able to compose a well-written report justifying the recommendations made on behalf of their student. In addition, they must continually pursue their continuous professional development and keep abreast of the frequently released policy changes in order to understand how this will impact on future assessment recommendations.

It is then little wonder that a busy Assessor rarely finds time to give thought to opening their own assessment centre.

EDMIN Software can help!

We have experience of setting up and managing DSA Assessment Centres and our founders have all been DSA Needs Assessors themselves. We have developed the systems and policies needed to become a DSA QAG registered centre and are offering these in a franchise package to experienced assessors who want to capitalise on their experience by opening their own DSA Assessment Centre.

Assessment Centre in a box

EDMIN Software in partnership with Book My Assessment are offering a complete solution to franchisees which includes;

  • Support with registering your new company
  • Assistance with finding and registering your premises
  • Use of ORAC Assess – DSA Centre Management software
  • Sourcing of hardware and software for your centre
  • Support with DSA QAG registration
  • The organisation of CPD events
  • Access to all required DSA QAG policies and procedures
  • Administrative support (optional)
  • Centre management (optional)
  • Monthly / Annual Audit support
  • Marketing and advertising support

Next steps

If you would like to find our more about how to become a franchisee and set up your own DSA Assessment Centre, please complete the below form. It’s as simple as that. We will get in touch with you to discuss the options available.


How much does a franchise cost to set up?

The cost for you to set up your franchise is dependent on a number of factors such as rent costs in your area and the level of support you require from us for administration and management of your centre. We advise you budget between £7K and £12K as your initial setup costs. Ongoing franchise fees are in the region of 5% – 15% of annual turnover depending on the support levels agreed.

Who can apply for a franchise?

To be successful in your application you will be an experienced DSA Needs Assessor, QA or have previously managed a DSA Assessment Centre on behalf of a university or private assessment company. It is unlikely that anyone without prior experience of working in the DSA sector will be offered a franchise due to the complexity of the assessment process and knowledge required to successfully operate a DSA Needs Assessment Centre.

How much am I likely to earn?

The revenue generated by your centre is obviously dependent on the number of assessments your centre undertakes, however, if you were to complete an average of 5 assessments per week, your centre revenue would be £148,500 (based on 45 weeks assessment per year and a fee of £660.00 per assessment).